did you ever think about something that bothered you for years and years or days or weeks or whatever, and chewed and stewed and mulled it over and obsessed till it became some all encompassing obsession, thorn in your side thing that was just holding you back and then decided one day enough was enough and confronted the situation/person/obstacle in hopes of moving forward in this lifetime and maybe turning a new page to find that the outcome you had hoped for was actually horribly not what you had wanted to happen, and maybe you didnt even get a chance to finish your sentence before the whole idea was crushed while you stood there saying but but but WAIT STOP!!!! This is not how this conversation was supposed to go. I was supposed to say one thing and then you say this other thing and we go back and forth and the issue is resolved and everything becomes yay wheee happy happy and we all live happily ever after, but what really happens is an even worse situation than the one you started out with in the first place and now not only are you not happy but now a bunch of other people arent happy simply because you never even got to explain wtf you were talking about in the first place because people have lost the art of learning how to listen.


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