the cookies crumbles

Has anyone else noticed this bizarro rise in nationalism? You kind of cant ignore it, unless you’re  all ostrich style with your head stuck in the sand. I find it interesting that we stand at a point in history when we are more connected globally then we have ever been before, so why the snap back? I wonder if there is a fear of losing control, a tightening of the grip in the face of a world wide coming together. The world united is terrifying for the powers that be, the infamous “they” Their power lies in keeping us separate.  “we didn’t cross the borders, they borders crossed us” is one of my favourite protest chants.  If we remain connected and grow that connection, then as a whole we become less apt to be okay with the exploitation of others for cheap t-shirts etc. We become less and less okay with the profit machine when we connect with those people who suffer for our gains. In order for control to be maintained, we have to see ourselves a separate.  We are more apt to be outraged when the person being exploited is someone from our own nation, its easier to disconnect when we see someone as “other” This compassion trade off for profit requires borders. “oh they live there” so the rules of basic human decency don’t apply.  when we see ourselves as a whole, united globally,  the cookie crumbles. This entire fucked up system that we base our lives upon will collapse if we band together, stand up and say “no more.” But that cont happen if we are kept divided. The closer we get to this realization, this awareness of that we are a global community, the tighter they pull the crazy making strings. The harder the they clench their fists. I know i know this sounds like new age hippy dippy crap. Which i am quite partial to btw. But guess what? It is. and also its not all crap. If you look closer, past all the I’m more evolved than you and if your not a vegan drinking fucking algae smoothies you don’t quite measure up. unfortunately that type of thinking is counter productive to the actual intent at the heart of the hippy love fest. which is what? well its love of course. It is coming together, building an awareness that we are in fact all in this together (thanks sam roberts) we really are. the sooner we wake up to that fact, the better for the entire planet and every creature that lives on it. Maybe the key is recognizing that and acting accordingly. Maybe we can stop seeing other countries as enemies, threats, as separate. at the core each of us is much the same. we are all just trying to make it through the day. But what do i now? I’m just trying to make it through my own day. I really do love the notion that I’m not alone in this. Thanks for reading. big love ❤


PS. heeeeeres a poem peeps


lets not speak of gods

or lack thereof

you never know

when one is listening

and surely we don’t need to draw

attention to

what we’ve been up to

these days

lets just play frisbee

in the rain

and be grateful

for the water

thats come

to settle the dust

a fleeting quench

for the

unquenchable we

lets pretend

there will be no repercussions

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